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Two Options:
1. Shooting Schools: (Full-day comprehensive training w/multiple students)

The Best of the West (BOTW) is the pioneer of the long-range hunting movement and was the first company to develop long-range shooting systems and optics over a decade ago. Best of the West Arizona (BOTWAZ) is the #1 dealer of BOTW long-range hunting rifles and Huskemaw Optics!

Attendees of our shooting school will spend time in both classroom and range settings. Classroom time will include discussion topics and a review of a the commonly held principles of long-range shooting. Real-world hunting and training experiences will be shared to help reinforce these principles and accelerate student learning.  

All of this is then applied at the range where students will have the opportunity to shoot several BOTW systems featuring The Huskemaw Advantage. 

* BOTW Rifles and Ammo provided* 

** Attendees Will Earn Exclusive Discounts on BOTW Shooting Systems, Huskemaw Optics and Accurizer Services by BOTWAZ!**

Specific Topics Covered in the Course:
  • Introduction to Best of the West Rifles

  • The Huskemaw Advantage!

  • Internal and External Ballistics

  • Shooter / Spotter team techniques

  • Doping the Wind

  • Target Acquisition 

  • Understanding MOA

  • How to steady a long-range shot

  • Shot placement for high BC bullets

  • Proper gear for long-range hunting

2. Private Instruction: (1-on-1 or small group private instruction) - Call us at: 480-682-7763 to schedule

For more information or to host your own shooting school with BOTWAZ, shoot us a call at: 480-682-7763 or email us at: