Best of the West long-range muzzleloader topped with our Huskemaw 5-20x50 Blue Diamond optic. 

A legit 800 yard long-range system our customers are enjoying incredible success with this revolutionary rifle. Shooting .45 caliber non-sabot Parker bullet specially made for us. No sabot means better accuracy by virtue of bullet-to-bore contact. 

Our side brake, combined with a specially designed crown, allows loose powder to be freely poured down the bore without falling out of the ports. The Express Priming System is a patent-pending system that feeds three primed inserts from the magazine like a centerfire rifle. The non-saboted bullets have an advertised BC of .453, and maintain over 1000 foot pounds of energy at 800 yards! 

MV - 2352 fps 

Proven 1 MOA or better accuracy guarantee!

Package includes:

BOTW Muzzleloader w/carbon fiber stock
Huskemaw Blue Diamond 5-20x50 Blue Diamond scope
Breech Plug Tool
Priming Tools
Short Starter
Possibles/Field Bag
12 Powder Tubes
20 Bullets
100 Patches
10 Primer Carriers
Ammo Wallet
Breech Plug Anti-Seize
TSA Approved Hard Case
NOT INCLUDED - Blackhorn 209 Powder

Long-Range Muzzleloader