The Huskemaw 5-30x56 Tactical Hunter Long-Range Optic is our #1 selling scope. The internal bubble level, large tactical turret, 34mm main tube, 56mm objective lens, and side focus parallax correction make the 5-30 an outstanding choice for western big game hunters. Whether you're hunting moose, elk, mule deer, whitetail or Coues deer you'll appreciate the increased magnification, larger field of view and the internal level that help you zoom in "aim small", level without breaking cheek weld and make that shot! This is our favorite scope and we recommend this optic to most all our western big game hunting customers and clients exclusively.   


A Lifetime of Precision

Our ballistic compensation technology is the first to accurately determine the drag model and ballistic coefficient (BC) for your bullet in your system. The 5-30 is the first rifle scope built specifically to take advantage of a long range hunting situation and it's the first and only scope with our patent pending windage compensation technology etched right on your turret - anyone shooting at extended to long-range distances in hunting conditions, without windage compensation is just guessing.


Image Quality

The 5-30 features incredibly crisp F2 Schott glass. Most scope manufactures hype the light transmission lens coatings, and overall image quality to try to differentiate their high end products from their low end offerings. We designed the optical system and the coating specifications to be the best and with the Huskemaw 5-30, you have a scope that compensates for your systems True BC Profile, not one reticle that's supposed to fit all trajectories. For each customer, we build a Custom RFBC Turret that precisely compensates for your load's bullet drop and windage.


Technical Innovation

Our rifle scope was designed and built by hunters, for hunters. Our philosophy dictated a rugged construction of the highest quality along with real improvements that double the effective range over any competing product. It all adds up as the best rifle scope for long range precision hunting, backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Weight: 35.3oz.



  • Internal Bubble Level
  • Windage Compensation Technology
  • F2 Schott Glass
  • Dual Interlocking Turrets
  • True BC Drop Compensation Custom Yardage Turret
  • 12 MOA HuntSmart® Reticle
  • 34mm One-Piece Main tube
  • 30 MOA per revolution Fast Focus Eyepiece
  • Full Lifetime Guarantee

Huskemaw 5-30x56 Tactical Hunter LR Riflescope