Every rifle we make is painstakingly hand-crafted. When you purchase a BOTW rifle, you are acquiring one of America's finest hunting rifles made today. Every rifle package is mounted with a Huskemaw Series scope, one of the most reliable and durable long-range hunting scopes available today. This turn-key system is sure to extend your range and bring you a lifetime of hunting success. These systems are individually proven accurate to 1000+ yards. Available in many calibers to meet all of your hunting and shooting needs.



  • Carbon Fiber Stock
  • Stainless Steel Action
  • Stainless steel premium barrel
  • Muzzle brake


Package Includes:

  • Best of the West Hunter Elite Rifle
  • Huskemaw Long-Range Scope of your choice
  • Rifle properly broke-in, seasoned and proven accurate to 1000+ yards
  • (1) Single Stack RFBC Turret
  • 20 Rounds of Premium Ammunition
  • TSA approved hard case


Price listed is base price. Call us for a full list of custom options and pricing!

BOTW Hunter Elite

  • Our rifles are so customizable it's difficult to fit all the options on this page. Please call us direct to customize your build.

    • Calibers
    • Barrels
    • Muzzle Brakes
    • Cerekote
    • Huskemaw Optic of your choice
    • Triggers
    • Actions
    • Bipod Rails
    • Numerous patterns and finishes to choose from

    Call for a full custom build and pricing: 480-682-7763