Our top of the line long-range hunting system! Our proprietary carbon fiber Signature Series stock is ergonimically designed to maximize the shooters long-range accuracy. The flat-bottom fore-stock insures the rifle rests steady on a backpack, in our leather tripod head or on other improvised rests while the high cheek piece and negative comb align your eye for fast target acquisition. Action-bedded and free floated barrel contribute to the Signature Series supreme accuracy and consistency. Featuring a premium action, Huskemaw Optic (not included in price shown), muzzle brake and premium trigger this rifle is the gold standard long-range hunting rifle. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: When you purchase from us, you're not just getting a rifle with a scope on it. Rather, you're buying a complete "system" of premium components all manaufactuered and designed to work together. Your custom turret is created by collecting actual data at the range while shooting your rifle out to 1100 yards. Each turret is as unique as a fingerprint and is specifically made for your system. But that's not all! Our patented wind-hold solution is also printed on your turret meaning you'll never have to dial for wind again. In fact, with our systems, there's no need for ballistic calculators, charts taped to your stock, counting clicks or guessing your dope. Simply RANGE, DIAL and SHOOT!


***This turn-key out-of-the-box system will extend your effective range and bring you a lifetime of hunting success. Half MOA guarantee!***



  • Carbon Fiber BOTW Stock
  • Carbon Fiber Barrel (or your choice of steel barrel)
  • Cone bolt design to ensure flawless feeding
  • Custom premium action   
  • Muzzle brake


Package Includes:

  • Best of the West Signature Series Rifle
  • Rifle properly Broke-In, Seasoned and proven to 1400 yards
  • (2) Dual Stack, Custom Rapid Field Ballistic Compensating (RFBC) Turrets
  • 40 Rounds of Ammunition
  • Huskemaw Swiss 2 Wind Meter
  • Sunshade
  • Scopecoat
  • SwitchView Lever
  • TSA Approved Heavy Duty SKB case with Custom Fit Foam


Price shown is rifle only. Please call to add your choice of Huskemaw Optic and design your custom build.

BOTW Signature Series

  • Our rifles are so customizable it's difficult to fit all the options on this page. Please call us direct to customize your build.

    • Calibers
    • Barrels
    • Muzzle Brakes
    • Cerekote
    • Huskemaw Optic of your choice
    • Triggers
    • Actions
    • Bipod Rails
    • Numerous patterns and finishes to choose from

    Call for a full custom build and pricing: 480-682-7763