The Best of the West long-range muzzleloader is the best LR smokepole there is. No sabot! Bullet to bore contact contibutes to this rifles supreme accuracy. This system comes complete with a dual-port side-discharge muzzle brake that directs smoke away from the shooters line of sight while significantly reducing recoil. Our side brake, combined with a specially designed crown, allows loose powder to be freely poured down the bore without spilling out the ports. Our patent-pending Express Priming System stores and feeds three primed inserts from the magazine just like a centerfire rifle. The non-saboted bullets have an advertised BC of .453, and maintain over 1000 foot pounds of energy at 800 yards! No sabot also means better accuracy. 1 MOA or better accuracy guarantee!


Package includes:

  • BOTW Muzzleloader
  • Breech Plug Tool
  • Priming Tools
  • Short Starter
  • Possibles/Field Bag
  • 12 Powder Tubes
  • 20 Bullets
  • 100 Patches
  • 10 Primer Carriers
  • Ammo Wallet
  • Breech Plug Anti-Seize
  • TSA Approved Hard Case


Price listed is starting price. Call us for a full list of custom options and pricing.

BOTW Muzzleloader

  • Our rifles are so customizable it's difficult to fit all the options on this page. Please call us direct to customize your build.

    • Calibers
    • Barrels
    • Muzzle Brakes
    • Cerekote
    • Huskemaw Optic of your choice
    • Triggers
    • Actions
    • Bipod Rails
    • Numerous patterns and finishes to choose from

    Call for a full custom build and pricing: 480-682-7763